Sunday, 21 December 2014

Latest Story now publsihed

Now avalaible at Smashwords, Amazon and Google books.

The first in the new mystery and detective series. These are short stories covering the intrigue and adventures of harriet Morton, historian and researcher turned deteive and sleuth.

The first story is Run For Your Life

A work colleague asks Harriet to try and locate her missing 20yo brother who has run away from home. Harri, as she is affectionately known, uses her skills as a researcher for the State Library to deduce where he would be hiding and successfully locates him.

Harri is contacted by a leading Government Official after reading of her success in a national newspaper. His wife has mysteriously disappeared whilst on safari in East Africa with a family of four and he asks Harri to see if she determine what happened to his wife. Harri travels to East Africa and joins the family to retrace their last known footsteps but with little success.

Months later, a sighting of a white woman is reported and Harri returns to the African continent to continue the search but she is captured by the kidnappers and threatened with death. Harri must devise an escape and rescue plan if they are to survive.

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